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What is Utrust (UTK)?

Utrust is a digital payment blockchain platform that combines the features of traditional online payment systems and blockchain technology in an attempt to offer the best solutions from both worlds.

The company optimizes the exchange between sellers and consumers, using the capabilities of the blockchain and making payments cheaper, faster and safer. When using this model, there is no need for huge operating costs or conversion fees, and it is assumed that this will affect consumer spending as a result of the project's tokenomics.

Utrust aims to create a more reliable payment platform by combining the best features of blockchain and traditional fiat systems.

Who are the founders of Utrust?

Nuno Correia is the co-founder of Utrust and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Correia has been working in the cryptocurrency industry since 2011, having founded various B2C platforms. He has a background in marketing and law.

Roberto Machado is the co-founder, Board Member, and Chief Commercial Officer of Utrust. Prior to Utrust, Machado worked with international companies such as Uphold, AT&T, and Airtel.

Filipe Castro is the co-founder, Board Member, and Commercial Director of Utrust. Castro received a degree in computer science from the University of Porto. Prior to Utrust, he was engaged in the development of software solutions.

What makes Utrust unique?

One of the most serious problems of cryptocurrency is price volatility. Utrust aims to protect both buyers and sellers from its impact by providing buyers with a refund option.

Until the purchased product is received by the buyer, Utrust secures the transaction by acting as an intermediary.

Cryptocurrency users typically use more than one wallet and exchange to manage their crypto assets. Utrust aims to reduce this complexity by introducing its own wallet that allows users to make fast and secure transactions. This mobile wallet supports both in-network and over-the-counter payments. In addition, it allows users to convert cryptocurrency to fiat to compensate for price volatility.

How many Utrust coins (UTK) are in circulation?

As of 2021, there are 450 million coins in circulation out of a maximum supply of 500 million UTK. The remaining 50 million coins are blocked until 2022 to reduce the impact of inflation and price increases.

Total 500,000,000 UTK, available for purchase in order books.

UTK is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, to store and receive UTK, the user must have an ETH address.

With a market capitalization of 48,434,564 USD, and a daily trading volume of 3,164,714 USD, the price of the UTK token is currently 0.09686913 USD.

How is the Utrust network protected?

Utrust is an ERC20-based token, which is thus protected by the underlying network of the Ethereum blockchain.

Utrust is also a partner of Pundi X, which uses XPOS technology to improve customer security.