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What is the name of the protocol?
Unifi Protocol is a new approach to economics. The project is built on the principle of economic viability.
Unifi Protocol is on a mission to make a solution to modern finance by building a sustainableBlockchain economy predictable enough to run a business on.
Since last year, Unifi Protocol has been retooling their economics with innovative solutions.
The governance token is UNFI. Who are the founding members of Unifi Protocol? An online community called Sesameseed created the Unifi Protocol DAO.
The co-founder and CEO of Unifi Protocol is Juliun Brabon. He started his career in operations management after graduating from the University of Buffalo with an English degree. He became the president of several companies. There is a person named Vita.
Kerk is part of the Unifi team and is responsible for developing the smart contract capabilities. He started working in data administration after graduating from Nanyang Technological University.
The lead developer of Unifi Protocol is Daniel Blanco. He has worked for companies like Seedtag and has a background in information technologies. What makes Unifi Protocol DAO unique?
Unifi Protocol is trying to flip the script on the industry and build a blockchain without creating a native gas token. The core tenets of why gas token need to be inflationary are being ripped apart. How many Unifi Protocol Coins are in circulation? The UNFI token supply is 10,000,000.
As UNFI is a multi-chain governance token, it is critical to its core function that it be both a multi-chain and a decentralized token. UNFI is a native asset with governance rights that can be found on many blockchains.

The Unifi Protocol Network is secured. Unifi Protocol is secured by a PoS consensus mechanism. PoS relies on the fact that token are stakable to ensure the validity of the mining process. The PoS consensus method is more flexible than the PoW method used by cryptocurrencies.