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UMA is what it is.
UMA is an optimistic oracle that can record any truth onto a ledger. The OO is called a human-powered truth machine because it is flexible enough to handle ambiguity and expands the design space possible in web3.
The Across bridge, Polymarket prediction markets, and Outcome.Finance DAO tools are all secured by UMA.
Who are UMA's founding fathers?

The team drew inspiration from traditional finance derivatives to create an open-source protocol to allow anyone, anywhere, to design and build trustless financial contracts.
What makes UMA unique?
A key part of the infrastructure is oracles. Communication between the external world and on-chain environments is trustless.
An optimistic oracle like UMA's uses a tokenholder vote to resolve disputes. If there is no dispute during the verification period, the answer will be accepted as true.
The optimistic oracle design concept was first published by Vitalik. Over the years, there have been several different versions. The opportunity for human intelligence is introduced by the optimistic design pattern.

How many UMA token are in circulation?
There was a large amount of UMA token in circulation in September.
The UMA token has been traded for a long time. The token gives economic guarantees to protocols. UMA's community of token holders provide the human component, as voters, for the final resolution of disputes or queries. Voting on protocol upgrades and UMA DAO funds allocations is done using token.
How is UMA's oracle secured?
The contract requesting the data, the participant offering the data, and a potential disputant can all be involved in the Optimistic Oracle system.
UMA token holders resolve disputes within 48 hours. If the disputer is right, they get a portion of the proposer's deposit as a reward; if the disputer is wrong, they lose their deposit as a penalty.
As they are claimed, the rewards will compound.
Developers building applications are the focus of UMA's smart contracts. UMA token owners can participate in the optimistic oracle.

Where can you purchase UMA?