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What is Ultra?
Video games and video game content can be published on Ultra. Ultra wants to do away with the current monopoly held by publishing platforms like Steam and provide new opportunities to game developers, players, and influencers. Ultra promises a solution that is more equitable. UOS can be earned by using the platform, and players can access platform-exclusive games.

Who are the founding members of Ultra?
An experienced team of video game industry veterans who have a successful track record working for major Western and Asian companies created Ultra. David Hanson has 18 years of experience founding major gaming companies, including a $100 millionUSD game console project later acquired byXiaomi.
Ultra is advised by current and former professionals with work experience at some of the top investment banks.

What makes Ultra unique?
Ultra claims to set itself apart by building a first-class PC game publishing platform that can not only compete with, but also surpass existing solutions.
Developers will.

Faster payouts that take between two and four weeks on established platforms will help you earn 21% more sales revenue. New business and marketing tools can open up new revenue opportunities. They can use referral bonuses and rewards programs to scale their businesses.
Players can benefit.

The option to play a game within minutes of purchasing it is thanks to Ultra. Participation in game tests and advertisements can earn you money. Being part of a community can open up earning opportunities. They have the option of earning UOS by selling their games.
Users can choose if they want to get rewarded with Ultra coins for watching advertisements on the platform. There are several areas where ads can be seen before and after the game. Advertisers can buy impressions from a wide range of publisher sites thanks to Ultra's demand-side platform.
Ultra's platform companion app, Ultra Go, allows players to earn and participate in Ultra from mobile devices.

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How many UOS coins are in circulation?
According to the distribution, the total supply of UOS is 1 billion.

The core team has a one-year lockup. One-year lockup for partners and advisors. Content acquisition has a one-year lockup. There is a one-year lockup and two-year vesting. Six-month lockup, six-month vesting is what marketing has. The company reserve is 10%. 5.11% for a price of $0.06, 3.95% for a price of $0.07, and 0.39% for a price of $0. $5 million on Bitfinex for a price of $0. The percentage of liquid assets is 12%).
Ultra pledges to allocate 5% of its game sales profits to a "game development and acquisition war chest," where the cash is locked for two years and used to acquire new exclusive games and services for Ultra.

How is the Ultra Network secured?
Ultra is a high-speed transactions and big user throughput that works without transaction fees. EOS is built to accommodate the demands of thousands of applications running on top of its network without experiencing the kind of congestion that is common to other blockchains.

Where can you buy ultra?
UOS is available on a number of websites.