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UFO Gaming. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 0.00000146

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What is the name of the game?
There are play-to-earn elements, NFTs, and DeFi on the platform. Super Galactic is an action game with its own NFT collection and an auto battler.
Players can mint their own characters in the form of NFTs in order to participate in the game. The native UFO token is used to farm the in-game utility points called Plasma Points. Players battle against a hostile alien race in a scavenged world to defend world peace and tranquility while earning rewards.
After completing its launch phase in Q3 2021, UFO Gaming is currently in its growth phase and listing on different exchanges. In the future, the developers plan an expansion phase that will include the launch of its marketplace, breeding between different NFTs, the introduction of virtual land, and the release of its first game Super Galactic.

Who are the people who started the gaming company?
Over the past six years, they claim to have produced a range of games for the game development sphere. Most of the team have been in the space since 2014.

What makes a game unique?

In theCosmos event, players get to mint Origin UFOeps, which are the rarest and most valuable NFTs. The chances of minting an Origin UFOep decreases over time. Only experience points and generated through the Super Galactic dApp can be used to buy Origin UFOeps. There is a requirement to access the game. A single-staking vault or a UFO-ETH liquidity pool can be used to attain Plasma Points.
There is a game where you can battle and breed digital super soldiers. There is a power force known as the Spirit Force. UAP is the game's third token used for merging NFTs and if a player doesn't mint an UFOeps, they can buy one with it.
There are several classes that distinguish between higher-ranked and lower-ranked soldiers.

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How many coins are in circulation?
Minting and selling NFTs are some of the ways players can earn.

The single-staking pools or the UFO/ETH liquidity pools can be used to mint NFTs. They can be used to buy soldiers. UAP is needed to breed soldiers and complete daily missions.
50% was added to the Uni swap pool and 50% was burned on TGE.

How is the network secured?
Immutable X is a scaling solution for NFTs. While not compromising security, Immutable X uses Zk-rollups to achieve a much higher transaction speed than Ethereum.

Where can you buy a video game?
It's available on several platforms, including Ku coin, Gate.io, Uni swap, LBank, and MEXC.