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What is trust swap coin?
A new evolution to Defi is promised by TrustSwap, a distributed platform and protocol.
TrustSwap's mission is to power "customizable transactions" not only for the DeFi space but also for the entire industry.
Smart swaps, smart locks, and staking are some of the primary products of TrustSwap. The protocol gives anyone the ability to wrap and use anycryptocurrencies on the ether block.

Who are the people who started TrustSwap?
The project has a CEO and a CTO. The founder of Uptrennd is also the CEO.
Barlam is the developer of a review platform where reviews are paid incryptocurrencies.
Apart from the two executives, the team also has advisors such as Michael GU and Ivan Litjeqvist.

What makes TrustSwap unique?
A lock-up period for token allocated to a project's team can be implemented if TrustSwap has a token launchpad offering that is tailored by users.
The feature can be tailored to give early access to SWAP.
The platform's SmartLock feature allows parents to make digital currency payments to their children's bank accounts on a set interval.
SmartSwap adds a new twist to peer-to-peer transactions. There is a use case for OTC trades without a third party.
What is in it for TrustSwap? The platform charges for the services. The higher the activities on the platform, the higher the revenues.

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How many trust swap coins are in circulation?
The SWAP token has 100,000,000 coins and uses a deflationary model to burn 10% of the transaction fees.
SWAP gives holders access to a host of benefits, which is why it is so important. There is a seat on the governance table for holders.
SWAP holders can get a 50% discount on transaction fees when using the native token.
The project keeps 10% of the fees charged on the platform.

How is the trust swap network secured?
TrustSwap secures its network with the help of the second-largest block chain.
The platform does not have access to user funds in smart contracts.

Where can you buy swap trust?
SWAP can be purchased on Hotbit, Uniswap, BitMax, MXC, Gate.io, and 1inch exchange.