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TrueUSD. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 0.99986207

The price TrueUSD today is 0.99986207 USD, and the trading volume in 24 hours - 63,705,879 USD. The crypto asset has grown by 0.13% over the day. Currently, the coin’s market capitalization is 495,133,232 USD, and has 0.00000000 coins in circulation with the max supply of 495,201,533 coins TUSD.

What is TrueUSD (TUSD)?

TrustToken is a platform for creating tokenized crypto assets. The company's examples demonstrate a desire to tokenize assets such as rent, timeshare, small business, oil, movies, music, patents and more.

TrueUSD is a tool to protect against market volatility and market entry without first buying BTC/ETH. Ordinary people and companies can take advantage of blockchain technologies without being subjected to sharp price fluctuations.

Emerging markets can use TUSD for trading and long-term financial contracts such as loans, salaries or forecast markets.

Financial institutions can use this reliable asset to trade in cryptocurrency markets.

Who is the creator of TrueUSD?

TrueUSD was introduced in early 2018. It was designed as a simple, transparent and reliable stablecoin. For this reason, it does not use a hidden bank account or any special algorithm.

The project is created by experienced specialists from Standford, the University of California, Berkeley, PwC, Google and Palantir. The core of the company is four co-founders: CEO Danny Ahn, CTO Rafael Kosman, Chief Operating Officer Stephen Cade, and Product Strategist Tory Reiss.

What is the uniqueness of TrueUSD (TUSD)?

The key to the operation of each tokenized TrustToken asset is third-party escrow accounts. Everyone who complies with KYC and AML requirements can procure/exchange TrueUSD using their application.

TrustToken uses publicly audited smart contracts to avoid issuing tokens. The money doesn't even touch the hands of the TrustToken team. New TUSD is issued automatically when USD is received into the escrow account. 

Whenever a user redeems US dollars, the equivalent amount of TUSD is immediately burned. Thus TrustToken provides a ratio of 1:1 USD to TUSD between money in escrow accounts and TUSD in circulation.

The platform also mentions “equity ownership” of assets, which will allow the ownership and trading of fragments of tokenized assets.

How many TUSD coins are in circulation?

As of the end of January 2021, 393,420,974 TUSD coins were in circulation, and there is no maximum offer.

How is TrueUSD network protected?

TrueUSD dollar holdings are distributed to different bank accounts owned by different trust companies. Interested parties sign an agreement to publish secured assets daily and conduct monthly audits. 

Token uses multiple escrow accounts to reduce counterparty risk and provide legal protection for holders from theft.