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What is the tranchess protocol?
A yield enhancing asset tracker with different risk-return solutions is called tranchess. A different risk/return matrix is provided out of a single main fund. The name of the fund was inspired by the game of chess and the French word "Tranche", which is often associated with funds that cater to different classes of investors.
The main fund tracks an underlying asset and can be split into 2 sub funds. The first asset to be tracked is BTC.
The tranchess provides.
Enhanced yield returns do not incur permanent losses. There are low cost and no forced liquidation positions. Queen holders have a zero lock-in period. TWAP is used for the prevention of Oracle Attacks.
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Who is the originator of the tranchess protocol?
Danny Chong and his team came up with the idea of tranchess protocol.
Our tech team has a lot of experience with cyber security in trading and DeFi protocols, their knowledge in smart contract coding is important to the maintenance and upgrades in years to come.

The team wants to empower users of DeFi with asset management capabilities and contribute to the shift from traditional finance to DeFi.
What makes tranchess unique?
The project uses smart contracts to make it transparent and automated. Users can earn extra interest by lending out their token, or enjoy leverage without being forced to liquidate. As part of their staking returns, users get a share of platform earnings.

How is the protocol secured?
Our smart contracts are resistant to price manipulation and do not rely on price feeds from other smart contracts. The oracle uses 30-minute TWAP. The possibility of manipulation attack is minimized by this.

How many CHESS token are in circulation?
There is a max supply of 300 million.

The emission is below.

The week 5 distribution was 2,400,000 token.
Week 6-20 starts at 2,304,000 and decreases by 4% each week thereafter.
Remaining distribution will be decided later.

Where can I buy chess protocol?
Later, it would be available on other exchanges.