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What is the name of the network?
LON is a token that can be used to align stakeholders.

Who are the people who founded LON?
There is a payment settlement protocol based on the technology of the ether.

What makes LON unique?
There are two main use cases for LON.
The fee is a standard 0.30% for most transactions.
The community will have the right to participate in governance.

How many LON are there in circulation?
As of December 2020, there was over 100 million LON in circulation.

How is the token secured?
The LON token can be verified on-chain with the full smart contract code.
There is an address on theetherscan.io.
There is an address on theetherscan.io.
There is a website called "etherscan.io." It has an address called "5520fee8e867e20af9c9d2c8a09b909b83."
There is an address on theetherscan.io.

Where can you buy LON?
LON can be found on many exchanges.