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What is the Threshold Network? The Threshold network has a set of primitives for several dAPPS.
What is the T token? The T token is used for both the Threshold Network and the Threshold DAO.
What is the purpose of the T token? The T token is used to stake a nodes. The T token is a governance token and users can lock it in coverage pools to earn yield in exchange for risk in the network.
What are Threshold's primitives? Threshold has a suite of building blocks for privacy, access controls, and cross-chain bridges. There is a proxy re-encryption. Threshold signatures are explained in the article. A distributed key generation (DKG) is a type of key generation. There is a random beacon on the website.
What is tBTC?
The history of Threshold. The community proposed merging the two networks in February of 2021.
The details of the supply. 10B initial supply. The 4.5B was allocated to the NU holders. 4.5B was allocated to keep holders. Threshold was allocated 1B.
It's time to upgrade to T. The vending machine contracts will be available to keep.
Existing stakers will not be able to use the vending machine contracts until their stakes become liquid.