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What is Theta Fuel (TFUEL)?

Theta Fuel (TFUEL) is a cryptocurrency created on the Theta network after the successful launch of the main network. Fuel is a blockchain project launched in 2019, which is a video streaming network based on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm blockchain.

The main goal of Theta is to create a more reliable and efficient network that distributes higher revenue among content creators, rewards viewers, and takes advantage of a global network of decentralized nodes to provide a smoother and faster streaming experience for everyone.

The team was recently awarded a US patent for Peer Discovery technology, which uses advanced algorithms to improve the interaction of Theta's peer-to-peer video delivery product. The product ensures that viewers are not just connected to their nearest peer on the network to help with bandwidth, but they are connected to the node that offers the best combination of network state and connectivity - a more efficient and intelligent solution

Who are the founders of Theta Fuel?

The founders of the Theta Fuel project are top-class specialists in their field, such as Mitch Liu-co-founder and CEO, Jiei Long-CTO and Ryan Nichols-Product Director.

What is unique in Theta Fuel?

The Theta network is compatible with the powerful Ethereum virtual machine, which is a huge global network of computers that combine their computing power.

One of the advantages of this is that when developing projects, the project allows you to build on top of the Theta blockchain, using the Ethereum Solidity coding language.

The Theta team continues to expand the platform's streaming services with ThetaDrop, an online marketplace for digital collectibles and non-exchangeable tokens (NFT). A key innovation of ThetaDrop is the focus on live streaming of NFT auctions in order to increase the interaction between creators and fans, and to develop more exciting and creative ways to conduct online auctions.

How many Theta Fuel Tokens (TFUEL) are in circulation?

According to the project's statements, there is no maximum supply of TFUEL tokens, and 6,084,293,337 of TFUEL tokens is currently in circulation. To date, the token value is 0.05428544 USD, with a maximum daily trading volume of 8,061,453 USD, and a market capitalization of 330,288,562 USD.

How is Theta network protected?

The Theta project consensus mechanism is a new Proof-of-Stake form known as Multi-Level BFT. Thisconsensus mode aims to provide reliable security along with high transaction volume and speed, which is vital for a platform that wants to provide streaming services and micropayments, since there will be a huge number of low-cost transactions on the network every day.

Theta's open source code and decentralized node architecture should theoretically make the platform more democratic and accessible to content creators, as well as more secure for viewers.