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What is Tellor? Tellor is an oracle protocol.

Tellor supplies data that can be requested, validated and put on-chain permissionlessly with data reporters competing for incentives of TRB.
Tellor is unique.
Tellor's oracle works by incentivizing data reporters to put valid data on-chain while also disincentivizing bad reports via disputes and slashing. No verification is required to become a reporter.
oracle users request the value of an off-chain data point
Tellor's oracle is flexible and robust due to the fact that data is submitted inbyte.
Who are the founding fathers of Tellor?

Tellor was founded by three people.
Tellor has a CEO and co-founder. The VP and lead developer at Daxia worked in the field of data science. She was an economist at the U.S.
Tellor is co-founded by Nick Fett. Prior to Tellor, he was the founder of Daxia. Nick has experience in economics, regulation, derivatives, and machine learning.
Michael Zemrose is a co-founder of Tellor.
How is the Tellor network secured?
The purpose of Tellor's native token is to connect and align data reporters, oracle users, and community governance.

There is more information on the theoretical cost of an attack here.

Where can I buy Tellor?
Tellor can be bought and sold on the following exchanges. The name of the company is Binance. Huobi Global OKEx HBTC Dsdaq
We have prepared a detailed guide for newcomers that will help them get up to speed.