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The top exchanges for trading in Telcoin are Ku coin, Quick swap, Balancer, Uni swap, and 1inch Exchange.
What is Telcoin? The name of the company is Telcoin.
The native medium of exchange, reserve asset and protocol token is called Telcoin. End users can easily access and power a global suite of user owned financial products.
There is formal documentation here. What is tel coin(tel)?
The tel-taxonomy is at www.telx.network.
The platform is called the Telcoin. A financial platform powered by active users, Mobile Network Operators, and Mobile Financial Service Providers.
Telcoin is a company. In Singapore, in July of last year, Telcoin was founded to provide access to financial services on any mobile device. Telcoin Remittances is focused on high-speed, low-cost digital money transfers to mobile money platforms and e-wallets.
The Send Money Smarter Network and TELxchange are two user-owned financial products that were introduced in Version 3 of the platform.
The Monetary Authority of Singapore regulates Telcoin as a major payment institution. In addition to Canada and Australia, Telcoin is also registered and regulated in a number of other global markets.
Who is the originator of Telcoin? Paul Neuner is a serialentrepreneur with more than 12 years of experience in the telecommunications and cybersecurity space. The Middle East and Asia.
Neuner co-founded a startup that provides fraud management services for mobile network operators.
What makes Telcoin unique?
With over 5 billion users, Telecoms are positioned to provide the largest base of existing, known global retail users with access to financial products via mobile phones they use every day.
The creation of user owned, automated, non-custodial applications accessible to everyone with an internet connection that execute in code is possible thanks to DeFi.
Telcoin is taking on a fraction of traditional finance counterparty, execution, and custody risk by aligning with telecoms and giving them the ability to distribute superior, decentralized, automated financial products to their subscribers.
How many TEL coins are in circulation? The Telcoin is built on the criptocurrency. 25 percent of the token was distributed in crowdsale.
The maximum number of token on the network is 100,000,000,000 TEL.
How is Telcoin secured? One of the most secure computing networks in the world is the Telcoin.
Where can I buy the Telcoin? TEL is a very popular asset, but few exchanges allow you to purchase TEL against fiat.
Buying, selling, and trading in Telcoin can be done on the top exchanges.
Ku coin.
Uni swap.
Exchange 1inch.
There is a sushi swap.
The Sushi swap is a polygon.
Quick swap.