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What is Synthetix?
Synthetix is building a protocol that any protocol can use. Many exciting protocols are served by its low fees and deep liquidity. Many user-facing protocols in the Synthetix platform, such as 1inch and Curve, use Synthetix to power their protocols. Optimism and the mainnet are used to build Synthetix. The issuance of synthetic assets is enabled by the Synthetix Network. Without requiring one to directly hold the asset, stros track and provide returns on the underlying asset. An array of on-chain, composable financial instruments are backed by this pooled collateral. Perps V2 hopes to enable low-fee on-chain futures trading through the usage of off-chain oracles, and Synthetix V3 aims to rebuild the protocol to achieve its earliest goal, being a fully permission.

The network was launched by Kain Warwick.
Kain Warwick is a non-executive director at the blueshyft retail network. Prior to founding Synthetix, Warwick worked on several other projects.
The project's CEO has over two decades of experience in software development.
Jordan Momtazi, the COO of Synthetix, is a business strategist, market analyst and sales leader with several years of experience.
A person named Justin J. The deputy practice head of engineering at Lab49 was the former director of engineering at MongoDB.

Synthetix is a platform for synthetic assets.
Users can autonomously trade and exchange synths on the platform.
The underlying assets are tracked using smart contract price delivery protocols. Synthetix allows users to trade without issues.
SNX token is used as a security for synthetic assets.
The protocol has transitioned to the mainnet to help reduce the network's gas fees.

114,841,533 SNX is in circulation as of February 2021.
Synthetix was able to raise $30 million by selling more than 60 million token at the seed round and token sale stages.

The SNX token is compatible with a standard. Proof-of-stake is used to secure the Synthetix network.

SNX can be purchased on top exchanges.

The name of the company is Binance. OKEx The Pro is from Coinbase. The Uni swap is V2.
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