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What is Sweatcoin and Sweat Economy?
Sweatcoin was first launched in 2016 and is a popular mobile fitness app.
Sweatcoin is a virtual token which is used as a monetary incentive to reward users for their physical activity. Sweatcoin can be converted to SWEAT to claim real world prizes.
Sweat Economy is a project of Sweatcoin. There is a Sweat Economy app, a SWEAT token, and a Sweat Wallet. Since the launch, over 13 million wallets have been created.
Move to earn: Fad or the future?

Who is the leader of the Sweat Economy?
The co- founder of Sweat Economy is Oleg Fomenko. Fomenko has experience at Coca Cola, Visa, and the Boston Consulting Group. Fomenko is the founder and CEO of a mobile music streaming service that has over a million users.
A co-founder of the company has completed Executive Programs at US Berkeley and the London Business School.
The co-founder of Sweat Economy is Egor Khmelev. Khmelev is a graduate of the Computer Science program at the University of London.
Henry Child is the leader of Sweat Economy. He started in traditional finance and worked at a hedge fund.

SWEAT is unique.
The goal of the app is to create a healthier and more active world by incentivizing physical activity. Similar to a play-to-earn game, Sweatcoin's move-to-earn style game allows users to earn monetary rewards for their participation.
The team states that their app has increased their users' physical activity by an average of 20% and that they have collaborated with the National Health Service to help create a healthier society and reduce burdens on global healthcare systems.
With over 3 million users, Stephen is the leading player in the M2E sector.

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How many Sweat Economy coins are in circulation?
The Sweat Economy team doesn't have a cap on the token supply because they want people to take more steps so they can issue more.

The SWEAT economy network is secured.
The SWEAT token and Sweat wallet are built on the NEAR protocol, which is a layer-one blockchain running on the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. The live seat price may differ from the minimum seat price.

SWEAT trading will begin.

Can SWEAT hit $1?
SWEAT can't hit $1 at the moment because the token hasn't launched.

Where can you buy sausage?
SWEAT can't be purchased on any exchange.