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Strike. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 9.15390194

What is a strike?
When a user deposits their token into a Strike market, they get sTokens. sTokens represent the individual's stake in the pool and can be used to redeem the underlying coin at any time. If you deposit ETH into a pool, you will get sETH in return.
borrowers can take a secured loan from any Strike pool by depositing their own money The maximum loan-to-value ratio is currently between 50 and 80%.
Who are the people who started Strike? Strike is a finance platform.

Strike is unique. Strike says that since the token distribution does not include any venture capital, shareholder, founder or advisor, it maintains the highest level of community distribution.
Strike's community governance is different from other protocols. The Strike team can not be involved in any of the changes proposed by the holders of the platform's native governance token.
The STRK token can be bought from third-party exchanges or can be earned by interacting with the Strike protocol.
How many Strike Coins are in circulation? Like many digital assets, a fixed number of STRK token will never come into existence.

Voters are able to increase or decrease the emission rate if they pass a proposal through community governance.
Strike Finance is secured. Strike users can redeem their stake using their sTokens, which are minted by smart contracts, after they deposit their Ethereum and ERC20 assets.
The protocol ensures that assets supported by the platform are overcollateralized at all times.
This arrangement helps to ensure that borrowers maintain their collateral levels, provides a safety net for lenders, and creates an earning opportunity for liquidators.