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Streamr (DATA)

Streamr (DATA) is a decentralized, open - source blockchain platform for real-time data, launched in 2017, where users can control their information and monetize it in a specialized marketplace. Simply put, the Streamr platform aims to allow users to receive money for sharing their personal information. For example, Data Union members can receive money for their search history on Google, or for a list of recent purchases on Amazon. 

The heart of the protocol is the Streamr network. This transports message streams from data publishers to subscribers, acting as a global messaging service, publishing / subscribing to the user. The functionality is similar to enterprise messaging systems, message queues, MQTT brokers, Apache Kafka, or pub / sub cloud messaging services. 

Users can interact with Streamr via the Core UI, SDK, or directly via the API. 

Who created Streamr (DATA)?

The team consists of entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and doctors who specialize in processing and analyzing data using algorithms.

The Streamr project begins with an ICO, the sale of which took place in one day, from October 12 to 13, 2017, during which $27 million was raised. The idea does not date back to 2017, the release date of the white paper, but was launched in 2011. At that time, the team was already starting work on the project, but the idea of using blockchain and cryptocurrency appeared only in 2016.

The company's head office is in Zug in Switzerland, and they have a "laboratory" in Finland.

What is unique about Streamr (DATA)?

The uniqueness of the project is to provide evaluation capability and secure data exchange for connected objects (IoT). This way, the machines will be able to automatically sell and buy data among themselves.

Streamr also has an engine that allows you to create decentralized applications and smart contracts that can interact with each other across thousands of machines. The idea behind Streamr is to become the easiest and most secure way to create and share real-time data.

How many DATA tokens are in circulation?

DATA, the token that Streamr uses, is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts support the DATAcoin balance and allow for secure and transparent payments. 

If the maximum DATA supply is missing, there are currently 767,121,867 tokens in circulation. The cost of DATA today is 0.03807126 USD, the 24-hour trading volume is 1,893,383 USD, and the market capitalization is 29,205,299 USD.

How is the Streamr (DATA) network protected?

Streamr uses the Ethereum blockchain. This provides users with digital identification and provides Proof-of-Work consensus protection.