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What is StormX?
StormX is one of the first global solutions to use cryptocurrencies. StormX is a mobile app and browser extension that aims to bring users back to their native currency. There are enterprise partners like Nike and Lego.
The company has received investments from a number of organizations. StormX has developed a product that has become an industry leader.

Who are the founding members of StormX?
The CEO of StormX is Simon Yu. After graduating from the University of Washington, Yu was involved in the BerkleyBlockchainXChange held by the University of California in 2020. His professional career began a couple of years before he graduated, with the founding of a company called Penguin Delivery. Simon Yu became a senior credit risk analyst for KeyBank after working for Amazon as a financial analyst intern.
Calvin Hsieh is a co-founder of the company. He graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in computer science and software engineering, and was a member of the team that participated in the BerkleyBlockchain Xcelerator. In 2015, Hsieh joined Bomba Fusion as a manager and web developer, and in 2017, he became a co-owner of the company.

What makes StormX unique?
StormX is the first solution that allows users to earn rewards for their purchases.
By extending the capabilities of the StormX platform beyond cashback, the company captures the interest of people who are looking to boost their profit by staking native token and doing everyday tasks. Users can earn interest on their investment with the STMX token. More than 750 online stores are part of the StormX program. Some online shops offer a rate of up to 87.5% in the virtual currency, which is an unprecedented rate for traditional programs.

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How many StormX coins are in circulation?

The company and founding team members received 25% of the total token supply. The platform utilization and support of 23% of the STMX token remains locked. Several crowdsale events distributed more than 40% of the total token supply.
The token was launched under the ticker STORM.

How is the StormX network secured?
STMX is secured by the PoS consensus mechanism. Stakeholders become transaction validators in the PoS consensus mechanism.
Unlike PoW, the PoS consensus mechanism does not require a lot of electrical or computing power. The coin is widely distributed and exchangeable because it is an ERC-20 token.

Where can I buy StormX?
Since 2015, StormX has been a top place for coin enthusiasts.
If you want to purchase STMX token, you can do so with Binance.

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