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What is Step App?
The Step App is a project that uses the Step protocol for FitFi where users and their metaverse avatars complete fitness quests and player versus player challenges. The governance token, FITFI, was named after Fitness Finance, which is a market economy model.
The app's augmented reality technology bridges the gamified metaverse with the real world, turning fitness into a social experience where mechanics allow people to compete and win Users can earn by walking, running, competing with friends, chatting, exploring the metaverse or the real world by using the Step App.
The Step App economy is based on gaming perks and values.
The project was created in the fourth quarter of 2011.
Who is the creator of the Step App?
The president of the company has 20 years of experience in the sports and entertainment industry. At McLaren Racing, he was responsible for developing partnerships and at Lagardre Sports, he managed several sporting events and sponsorships.
Kirill Volgin is the CEO of the project. He is a software developer engineer and he is the creator of the open source NFT wallet.
One more member is Dmitry Gordeychuk, a CTO with over 5 years experience.
What makes the Step app unique?
The Step App is powered by technologies such as the fitness metaverse or Step Metaverse, where NFTs and digital exercise avatars are combined.
The Step Metaverse integrates the digital and physical world where the Step App protocol allows Step App users to exercise, compete and earn.
The goal of the Step App and the Step Protocol is to bring the application to a leading position in the market by attracting world-class athletes and industry experts to be brand ambassadors.
How the Step App works.
Microtransactions, Staked Play, and Tournament Gaming are three ways to make money from the game process.
There is a 2.5% commission charged from all transactions on the platform, and limited edition sneakers are dropped once a month.
There are a number of features of the Step App.
Users are able to improve their characters by completing fitness quests.
Users train both physical fitness and social skills.
Users receive income in the in-game currency if they complete the quests.
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How many steps app coins are in circulation?
The governance token of the Step App Network is called Step App, while the in-game token is called KCAL.
To maintain the value of $FITFI and attract users, the ecosystems offers a range of monetary incentives.
50% of the token purchased on the market are distributed among the stakers.
50% more weight in staking rewards is given to the Liquidity Pool (LP) token.
A 12% fee is charged for circumventing the 10-day process to exit the locks.
50% of income is used to buy a token on the market.
The governance can vote for the burning of redeemed token up to 50%.
There is a maximum supply of 5,000,000,000 coins.
There is a public sale of 700,000,000 dollars.
25% (1,000,000,000 $FITFI) goes to Staking, Liquidity, MM, and Incentives.
The Team will get 15% of the $750,000,000.
30% to mining, move to earn.
15% goes to marketing, acquisitions and licenses.
$600 million to Partners, Advisors, and Consultants.
How is the step app network secured?
The Step App uses the proof-of-stake (PoS consensus mechanism) to guarantee system security, protecting the network from Sybil attacks.
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Where can I buy step app?
The Step App is listed on the following platforms.
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