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Stacks. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 2.00589372

What is the term Stacks?
Stacks is a layer-1 solution that is designed to bring smart contracts and applications.
The open and modular nature of these DAPPS makes it possible for developers to build on top of each other's apps to produce features that are not possible in a regular app.

The platform was renamed Stacks in Q4 2020 in order to separate the open source project from the company that built the original protocols.
The mainnet for Stacks 2.0 was launched in January of 2021.

Who are the founding fathers of Stacks?
Stacks was funded by a number of venture capital funds.
Hiro Systems PBC is one of a number of companies building on Stacks' platform.
Muneeb Ali and Ryan Shea founded Blockstack.
Ryan Shea co-founding a new tech startup that is currently operating in stealth after serving as co-CEO of the platform.

Stacks are unique.

Through its PoX consensus mechanism, it can connect directly with the Bitcoin blockchain, which can be used to mint new Stacks (STX) token.
Stacks introduces a new smart contract programming language that is easy to build and secure.

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The latest product updates, partnerships, and announcements can be found on the blog.

How many Stacks (STX) Coins are in circulation?

As of January 2021, there were 739.7 million STX in circulation.
A total of 1,000 STX per block will be released in the first four years, decreasing to 500 STX/ block in the next four years, and then 125 STX/ in the final four years.
The founder received 6.6% of the initial supply and the Stacks team received 7.9%.

The Stacks Network is secured.
The base layer of Stacks is thebitcoin.

Where can I buy Stacks?
STX can be traded on several exchange platforms.