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ssv.network is an infrastructure that allows the distributed operation of a validator. This can be achieved by splitting a validator key between multiple instances. The validator's duties are performed under a consensus mechanism.
The protocol improves robustness, liveliness and fault tolerance.
Validator keys can be kept offline. Redundant to active. There are instances that are customizability. Threshold signature scheme

ssv.network is close to mainnet. There is a SSV tech
The first secure and robust way to split an Ethereum validator key is through Secret Shared Validators. No single instance can take control of the validator, a certain number can go offline without affecting performance, and no single instance can trust the other to function.
It can be seen as a layer between the beacon chain and the ssv. Existing staking implementations are greatly improved by the technology.
Validator keys are currently kept online in order to perform duties, but can be stored offline. Operators can operate simultaneously and manage a validator key without cutting risk. Infrastructure flexibility- stakers are able to change and improve their multi-operator construct by changing 1 or more of the instances. The validaotr's ability to continue performing duties can be unaffected by the Threshold signature scheme. There is a The initial proposal for the primitive was made in 2019. The first SSV Proof of Concept was implemented by the BloxStaking team.