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What is the name of the toy?
The game is inspired by games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone, where players build a collection of cards with different attributes and battle other players in skills-based matches.
Once games went digital, players lost the ability to truly own their assets. It is possible for players to own and trade their digital assets again.
Ranked battles are fought by players. Players can increase their rating with ranked battles. Ranked battles are great for beginners since players with a rating below 100 don't lose ranking points. There are battles between players of similar strength.
The game is free to play, but players need to purchase the summoner's spellbook for $10 if they want to complete the game.
The governance token for the SPS was launched at the end of July 2021. The private token sale ended with 6.6% of the supply. In its first three years, it added 100,000 players.

Who are the people who started the area?
The two founders are Jesse Reich and Matthew Rosen, who go under the names "aggroed" and "bapyamatt" on the Discord server. They are both from Pennsylvania.
The team consists of 12 employees.

What makes Splinterland unique?
The demand for games that offer the possibility to own unique digital assets is growing.
All actions in the game are recorded on the Hive blockchain. Anyone can join the game by creating a Hive address.
Booster packs and specific cards can be purchased from other players. In battle, these cards can be leveled up and used. Dark Energy Crystals are the in-game currency of the game. DEC can be obtained by converting unused cards in a player's collection. It is possible to buy in-game items or trading cards from other players on the market. There are third-party exchanges where DEC can be traded.
The token will be used as a DAO on the platform. With the integration of the governance token into the game, players will be able to influence decisions about the game and the community.

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How many PS Coins are in circulation?
The total supply will be 3 billion. Over the course of a year, they plan to distribute 400 million of their token to players. This encourages players to accumulate and hold assets.
In the private sale in July 2021, 200 million SPS was allocated for $3.6 million. Animoca Brands is one of the funds investors include.
10% of the token supply will be controlled by the DAO, 9% will be held by the team and 50 million will be unlocked on day one, and 1% will be reserved for advisors.

How is the network secured?
There will be a token on the BSC. The team decided against the project because of the high gas fees.
The proof-of-stake consensus mechanism is used to secure BSC. To be eligible to do so, these validators have to stake a certain amount of BNB coins.
The game is on the Hive blockchain and the SPS token is still on BSC. oracles will handle interactions between the two and will be users or entities that are tasked withrelaying relevant information from the game to the Binance Smart Chain. The technically optimal solution is to minimize transaction fees.

When will the trading begin?
After its private round in July of 2021.

Is it possible that the movie can hit $1?
It would take a little more than double the price to get it to $1. It shows strong interest and support from investors, as evidenced by the $3.6 million raised in the private sale of the company. It will be one to watch because of its new features and number of users.

Where can you buy the game?

You can read more about how to buy cryptocurrencies in our guide.