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What is it called?
The asset trading industry is being disrupted by Sologenic.
There are two teams, sologenic.com and sologenic.org.
The SOLO Core Team is part of the sologenic.org. There is a The SOLO Core team is an independent community of developers.
The DEX has over 2M views and over 250K transsactions on a weekly basis.

Assets can be tokenized with SOLO.
Stable coins are backed by real-world assets. The ownership of real-world assets is represented by each stablecoin.
On the Decentralized Exchange, you can trade assets 24/7.
Users can trade these assets against each other on the DEX. The private keys of the wallet are held by the users, giving them complete ownership and authority over their assets.
The gateway sends the transaction fees to the Blackhole address.
The DEX has over 2M views and over 250K transsactions on a weekly basis.

There is a solo taking.
SOLO holders can receive rewards of up to 20% annually if they participate in the LPP. There are multiple time-based programs. Some of the programs have flexible withdrawal terms, while others have a fixed time-based deposit model.
There is agenic expansion. The SOLO Core Team is looking to expand the use cases of SOLO as well as increase community engagement. The feedback from the community has led the SOLO Core Team to increase the uses cases of the SOLO token.
SOLO is a utility token. One of the most popular DEX gateways is sologenic DEX.
The developers behind the DEX decide which pairs to list.
The voting mechanism for the community. The team wants to use a voting mechanism for all the listings and default pairs.
There will be a marketplace for minting, listing, and featuring NFTs. An NFT marketplace platform will be launched by the SOLO Core Team. Users will be able to mint and list their NFTs with the help of SOLO token.
The fees will be burned instantly. >
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