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What is the name of the network? The network is designed to bring scale to the platform. The only network capable of running an unlimited number of fast, on-demand, pooled-security Blockchains with zero gas fees is SKALE.
The project website says it wants to enable people to build and run DAPPS in a decentralized modular cloud built for real-world needs and configured for your requirements.

Who are the founding members of the SKALE Network?
O'Holleran is the co-founder and CEO of SKALE.
O'Holleran began his career as an account executive at Good Technology.

He co-founded several companies.
What makes SKALE Network unique?
When the Ethereum network is busy, SKALE offers zero gas fees to end users. Web3 can be affected by gas fee costs.
It has unlimited capacity, which is unique to Skee. The capacity increases as more people join the network. New nodes can be used to create new chains which increase throughput and computational power.
How many SKL coins are in circulation?
The launch of the SKALE Network had a total supply of 4.1 billion.

How is the network secured?
A multichain network made of many chains. Security is shared across validator sets by the SKALE Chains. Each validator is able to run on 8 chains.

Where can you buy SKL?
One can buy SKL token on several exchanges.