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What is the name of the chain?
There is a security-first, delegated proof-of-stake blockchain for trustworthy execution of mission-critical applications. As well as compatibility with eWASM and Ant Financial's AntChain, the Shentu Chain prioritized cross-chain compatibility, built as a Cosmos Hub with full EVM and Hyperledger Burrow compatibility. The Security Oracle provides real-time guards of on-chain transactions, identifying and flagging a wide range of malicious vulnerabilities before they occur. Depending on the level of the security score, audited projects of any protocol may be eligible for a Shentu Shield membership, which is a flexible, decentralized reimbursement system for anycryptocurrencies that is irretrievably lost or stolen due to security issues.
DeepSEA is a hyper-secure programming language supported by the Qtum Foundation. DeepSEA works with the Shentu Virtual Machine, which is compatible with EVM. The core utility for on-chain functions such as operating the Security Oracle and Shentu Shield systems, paying gas consumption of the network, and voting for governance decisions are served by the native digital utility fuel of the network.
What is the security oracle?
The Security Oracle is formed by a network of operators that use industry-leading security technologies to evaluate the reliability of mission-critical smart contracts. These operators receive rewards for their real-time, updatable scores. The Security Oracle allows their users to make educated decisions before interacting with smart contracts. Smart contracts integrated with the Security Oracle can flag and prevent malicious transactions from happening.
What is the name of the product?
It is possible to reimburse lost or stolencryptocurrencies from any protocol. Reimbursement decisions are made at the discretion of the members of the group. Members can purchase protection for theircryptocurrencies as Shield Purchasers or both. Shield Purchasers contribute to the fees that Collateral Providers earn on their stakedCTK. Shield Purchasers reserve funds from the Pool to be used as reimbursements for their own assets, paying a fee inCTK that goes directly to the Collateral Providers.
What is DeepSEA?
DeepSEA is a toolchain compatible with the SVM, EVM, and eWASM. DeepSEA has received research grants from several companies to push forward its programming language.
What is the virtual machine?
While fully compatible with EVM, the SVM has been architected to follow the x86–64 OS process model, with possible extensions to arm64 in the future. Smart contracts can interact differently with each other in accordance with their risk tolerance thanks to the SVM.