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What is the secret?
Secret is a privacy-oriented blockchain. Similar to how smart contracts operate on other blockchains, Secret Contracts allow DApps to use private data on Secret. Secret Contracts don't expose data when they transfer inputs into outputs.
Data privacy can be guaranteed by combining key management and ciphers within a Trusted Execution Environment. This allows Secret Contracts to compete for use cases that are difficult to accommodate.
WhoContributes to Secret?
Dozens of global organizations support Secret. SCRT Labs is based in Israel and has a mission to create products and systems that accelerate the adoption of privacy-first technologies.
The Secret Foundation is a core organization.
Other organizations can be found on the Secret Network website.
What makes Secret unique?
The focus on privacy and end-to-end encryption of data that Secret Network has is something that doesn't exist in the industry.
Secret uses specialized hardware for running code in secure enclaves called Trusted Execution Environments. Devices administrators can't access the information that is being decrypted.
Users send data to the network. Validators perform computations over data. Proponents submit their output. Validators agree on the results. The contract state and outputs are recorded on the Secret Network.

There are many potential use cases for Secret. Digital content management platforms can use Secret to store a key to the content. The user gets their unique access key after paying for the Secret contract.
Other examples are secret auctions and secret voting, which can be used to submit a secret contract.

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How many secret coins are in circulation?
SCRT can be used to pay network transaction fees. validators receive rewards and a share of the transaction fees from token swaps, so it is necessary to operate a node in the network. Non-node-operating token holders can earn a share of the network rewards with the delegated proof-of-stake system.
The initial supply of SCRT was 170 million.
75 million is the community. Team: 36 million is vested between 2 and 4 years. 30 million is the Treasury. The foundation has 1 million.
Secret targets an inflation rate of 15%, with a projected inflation rate of 20%, if less than 70% of the supply is staked, and a gradual increase to 7% when more than 70% is staked.
There are no words for it.
How is the network secured?
Secret uses a consensus mechanism called Tendermint. Validators receive SCRT from delegators in return for ensuring the protocol is running and maintaining security.

Where can you buy secret?
SCRT is available on a number of websites.
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