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What is the name of the fan token?
The fan token of the eponymous football team was launched by a partnership between the team and the launch pool.
The fan token was born after the football clubs were hit hard by the Pandemic.
An official statement was published on the football club's social network pages in November 2021. The conditions for the fan token launch were laid out in the agreement between the two parties. The status of sponsor and licensee was acquired by Binance.
Participation in the life of the club and the right to vote are some of the benefits that Santos owners receive.
SANTOS was available from November 27 to December 28.
Who are the founding members of the fan token?
Francisco Raymundo Marques, Mrio Ferraz de Campos, and Argemiro de Souza Junior founded the club in 1912.
The players atSantos have a strong technique and strict discipline. The team has released stars like Pelé and Rodrygo.
One of the most successful clubs in the country is Santos FC, which participates in the Paulisto - the State of So Paulo's premier state league, and the Brasileiro - the top league of the Brazilian football league system.
The club has 10 million followers on social media and is coached by Fbio Carille.
What makes a fan token unique?
The benefits of the fan token are listed.
Voting sessions and sensitization activities can be participated in by token holders.
Fan rewards, digital collectibles, and loyal points are available to token holders.
Users can pay for unique goods with SANTOS.
Getting involved in the club's life is one of the main benefits for loyal fans.
Gamification features are available for fans with a certain amount of SANTOS.
Fans can show their loyalty to their favorite team by donating directly to SANTOS.
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How many Santos FC fan token coins are in circulation?

The maximum supply of $SANTOS is 30,000,000 coins, and as of December 31, 2021, $SANTOS is in circulation 15% of the total supply.
The user fund is 35 percent.
The developer fund is 25%.
The team is 20%.
15% is subscription loyalty.
5% is the launchpool of Binance.
The link between Santos FC and its fan base is the main role played by the SANTOS token.
How is the network secured?
A KYC procedure is required for participation in the launch of the Santos FC Fan token.
Users can deposit their token for free on the platform, as well as earn new ones.
The security of the Santos FC Fan token is taken care of by Binance.
Where can you buy a fan token?

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