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What is the name of the person?
There are play-to-earn games on the EVM-based Ronin. One of the biggest play-to-earn games on the market is Axie Infinity, a digital collectibles game.
In its first nine months, Ronin has amassed over 2 million wallet downloads, 250,000 unique daily active addresses, $5 billion in TVL, and 15% of all NFT transactions.

Who are the people who created Ronin?
Sky Mavis is a technology-focused game studio founded by Jeffrey Zirlin and Alexander Leonard Larsen. He is Mr. Sky Mavis has been built by Zirlin for the last four years. He is Mr.
Sky Mavis has closed three investment rounds so far for a total of $160 million. The financing came from FTX, aloz Crypto, and others.

What makes Ronin different?

Cheap and fast transactions are possible with a confirmation time of less than 3 seconds.
Users can use the Ronin Bridge to withdraw Axie assets.

Ronin handles more NFT volume than any other NFT scaling solution combined, and 15% of all NFT volume in 2021, happened on it. Its bridge is the third-largest bridge by total volume and the fifth- largest bridge by total value locked. Sky Mavis wants Ronin to be the premier location to launch Axie-related games and NFT games from other developers.
In the first phase, at least ten validators outside of Sky Mavis will join the Ronin network, and at least three external teams will be building NFT games on top of it. The second phase will include 20 external validators and five external teams.

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How many RON coins are in circulation?
RON was launched through a pool on the native Katana DEX and will be distributed through an incentivized program.
The distribution of RON is as follows.

Content creation, rewards programs, grants, and hackathons make up 30% of the community. The team is 30%. Grants, investments, and Hackathons bring game-changing content, applications, and tooling to Ronin. There are 25% rewards for taking them.

How is the network secure?
A proof-of-authority (PoA) consensus mechanism is used in Ronin. PoA is a reputation-based consensus mechanism with a fairly centralized nature, as validators are selected by the team based on their reputation. Animoca Brands is one of the validators on the game. They are in charge of approving deposits and transfers of assets to and from Ronin.

Where can I buy ron?

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