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Is iExec RLC a thing?
iExec is the leader in distributed computing.
It provides on-demand access to cloud computing resources. Big data, healthcare, artificial intelligence, and rendering are some of the fields IExec can support.
Features such as multi-applications, fault-tolerance, multi-users, deployment of virtual images, private infrastructure, data management, security and much more are implemented by the XtremWeb-HEP, an open-source desktop grid software.

Who are the founding members of iExec RLC?
The CEO of iExec RLC is Gilles Fedak. Before he started work on iExec, he was a research scientist at UC San Diego and ATER at University Paris-Sud.
He is the head of APAC at iExec.
iExec is built upon the work of team members who have done research in the field of desktop grid computing.

What makes iExec RLC unique?
Computing resource providers make up the iExec network. These are known as iExec workers.
Data providers that own valuable datasets can make their data available for use through iExec. Proof-of-contribution is a protocol that provides consensus over off-chain computing.
IExec provides distributed applications running on the DApps that are secure and easy to access, as well as a Virtual Cloud Infrastructure that can provide high- performance computing services on demand.
iExec supports the emerging class of distributed applications and enables cost-effective, high- performance computing through a cloud infrastructure.

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How many iExec RLC are there?
IExec RLC is a token on the platform.
RLC can be easily stored, transferred, traded and divided as well as used to make transactions.

Is the iExec RLC Network secure?
IExec helps smart contracts overcome limitations in the ether block.

This is a secure area in a machine that can guarantee the code's execution.

Where can you buy iExec RLC?
The top exchanges for trading in iExec RLC are listed.
Bittrex is a drug.
Uni swap V2.
There is a person named Binance.
The VCC Exchange.
You can find more at the exchanges page.