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Revain is an online platform that allows developers to receive constructive feedback on their projects.
Revain was the first platform to combine the features of traditional review sites.
Artificial intelligence tools and a manual review system are used by Revain.

The system is stable because the protocol runs on two different token, the RVN and the REV.
The system doesn't allow regular users and Revain to change the information of other users.

A group of technology experts from Moscow established Revain.
Rinat Arslanov is the current CEO of the platform.
Other notable team members include the CFO Grigor Aproyan, the COO Aleksey Belashenko, the CTO Andrew Timokhin, the product owner Dmitry Bogachev, the designer Vlad Bocharov, and the digital manager Ksenia Fendich.

The platform claims to have achieved the largest number of user reviews in the industry.
The platform uses two token to increase its efficiency.
Companies can use Revain to determine criteria for evaluating the quality of reviews. A company might require their reviewers to attach proof to their reviews.

The R and RVN token was the initial token on the platform. On March 26, 2020, the company swapped R for REV due to the difficulty of integrating the former into other blockchains.
The RVN token is exclusive to the platform and has not been released into open circulation. The REV token is fully accessible.
The TRC20 and BEP20 standard is used in the REV token. The REV token is used to reward authors.

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Where can you buy revain?
The major exchanges support REV trading.

HitBTC BitMart is a store. The company is calledDigiFinex HBTC There is a coin called Ku coin.
Users can earn RVN token as a reward for providing genuine reviews on the platform.