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What is a Request (REQ)? 

Request (REQ) is an Ethereum - based payment system where everyone in the world can easily request a payment and can easily and safely receive their money. This is similar to PayPal, but the project uses blockchain technology. 

Request retains the advantages of cryptocurrency compared to traditional payment systems (fast and cheap), and also reduces disadvantages such as price volatility and technical training.

The concept of Request is quite simple. The requester "broadcasts" his request to the sender of the money using the blockchain. The sender will automatically detect the request through the application. In just one click, the recipient will receive money in their local currency. This is the goal of what the Request Network aims to be.

But, of course, this "simple" process is not the only thing that you can do with a Request. Online purchases, B2B and online payments are becoming possible. Request also has the ability to track and record transactions, for audit and transparency purposes.

Request Network used to be one of the most promising crypto projects in 2017, but recently it seems that there have been some problems and delays with the progress in development. Although the idea remains brilliant, other crypto projects have long gone ahead.

Who is the founder of Request (REQ)?

The project was launched in 2017, successfully collecting 33,600,000 US dollars in the ICO. Christophe Lassuit and Etienne Tatour are the co-founders of the project.

Etienne was the CTO and co-founder of MONEYTIS before he created Request. Christoph was also a co-founder of MONEYTIS. Other team members include Vincent Rolland (lead engineer), Laura Girod (data scientist), Julien Devoir (marketing director) and Elliot Denis (full stack engineer).

What is the uniqueness of Request (REQ)?

Among all the technological functions, Request uniquely uses its own REQ cryptocurrency. You need to use REQ if you want to use the Request ecosystem. Whenever you want to create more complex invoices, you will also need to use REQ. 

As part of the new Request version 2, the commission will be charged depending on the data size of each REQ. The fee of $0.10 will be applied to the first 10 kilobytes of data, and then it will increase by $0.03 for every additional 10 kilobytes. The fees themselves will not be recorded. The team can adjust them in the future.

How many Request (REQ) coins are in circulation?

With the maximum offer - 999,877,117 REQ, there are - 98,239,656 USD coins in circulation. The cost of REQ at the moment is - 0.09825633 USD, with a 24-hour trading volume - 2,733,443 USD, and the market capis $ {total_supply} USD.

How is the Request network protected?

Based on the fact that the REQ coin refers to ERC-20 tokens, and is based on the Ethereum platform, the Request network is protected by a proof of work consensus (PoW).