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Render Token. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 6.43939389

What is RNDR? The RNDR is a distributed rendering network built on top of the ether that aims to connect artists and studios in need of compute power with mining partners willing to rent their GPUs capabilities out. OTOY, inc. conceived it in 2009.
How does RNDR work? Artists on the network use RNDR as a token to exchange compute power from providers. RNDR uses a combination manual and automatic proof of work system in order to verify that all art has been rendered prior to payment disbursement and art release. The proprietary assets are hashed upon uploading and sent to the nodes for rendering. All RNDR payments are stored in an account in the middle of rendering, and are released to operators upon verification by the artist of successful work.
About RNDR. The RNDR team is based out of Los Angeles and has team members all over the world.