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What is RenBTC?
The RenBTC token is pegged to Bitcoin.
The Ren platform is an open protocol that provides everyone with access to the inter-blockchain liquidity, helping to bring assets from other blocks to the ether.
The renBTC token is a direct competitor.

It's just as easy to redeem renBTC as it is to mint it. The user only needs to pay a small gas fee to send their renBTC back to RenVM, which will release their nativeBitcoin to their address.

Who are the founding members of RenBTC?

One of the co-founders of Virgil Capital is a founding member of KeeperDAO.
The current CTO of Ren is also a member of the Ren team.

The fluid value exchange of the token is the main difference between the two. There is a centralized custodial platform for RenVM, but it does not store any Bitcoins. Users don't need to complete KYC to mint and burn token whenever they want.
Ren can be directly integrated into many applications through the use of specialized adapters.

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How many RenBTC Coins are in circulation?
The total supply and circulating supply of RenBTC are the same.
The market cap of RENBTC was $321.9 million as of December 2020.
How is the RenBTC protocol secured?
One of the most secure blockchains in current usage is RenBTC.
The RenVM protocol uses a multiparty computation system that allows Darknodes to run script without revealing their input or output to others.
The private keys of the ECDSA are hidden, which means that RenVM can generate and sign data in a secure manner.
The protocol claims to be Byzantine Fault Tolerant, which means that even if the Darknodes are unavailable, the script will continue running to keep the secrets hidden.

Where can you buy RenBTC?
Users can always get RenBTC by minting it on the RenVM protocol.
The most popular renBTC trading pairs are renBTC/BTC, renBTC/WETH, and renBTC/USDT.