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What is a reef?
Reef is a Layer-1 Blockchain for gaming.
Reef Chain has the most advanced EVM-compatibility. It has on-chain governance. native token bridge, scheduled calls, and smart contract in-place code upgrades are possible thanks to its infrastructure. Developers will be able to write code in multiple programming languages in the near future.
REEF is a native token.
Fees are charged for processing transactions and storing data. REEF token is staked by running a validator. The network should have validators in it.

Reef Chain development tools can be used.
Smart contracts can be uploaded and deployed in the EVM and Remix integrated development environments. Developers can use Reef command line tools to deploy applications. The Reef wallet can be used to access and interact with the blockchain.
How manyEEF coins are in circulation?
Reef Chain is backwards compatible with EVM and Solidity to make it easy for everyone. 38.2% of the Reef Chain supply is staked. Reef Chain has over 23 validators.

Who are the founding fathers of Reef?
Denko Mancheski founded Reef.
Mancheski wanted to help people understand new concepts such as DeFi and NFTs, which are associated with interacting with a blockchain.
Mancheski said that he was introduced to the technology because of his passion for FinTech.
He said that he has an addictive personality and that it will help him become a successful businessman.
Where can I buy a reef?

It is listed on both Gate.io and Bitfinex.
REEF can be acquired through a number of exchanges.
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What makes Reef Chain unique?
Reef is geared towards newcomers, as well as existing DeFi users who find it difficult to keep up with maintaining funds and wallet across multiple blockchains.
The Reef chain is unique in that any Defi protocol that has already deployed on ether or EVM can run on it with just a few changes to the code.
Reef is built on Substrate and can support multiple virtual machines and extensions for popular virtual machines.

The Reef Chain Network is secured.
Reef uses a nominated proof of stake system to secure the network.
They can be a Nominator if they don't have the technical skills.
Being a Validator requires technical expertise, high availability, and 7 days a week with high availability.
While REEF are staked, they are locked up. Nominators can receive new REEF in their wallet, but can't stake or transfer it away from their wallet. minators can stop staking their funds at any time, which becomes effective in the next era. Un-nominating doesn't automatically unbond funds.

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