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What is Rarible?

Users on the Rarible platform can easily create non-fungible token for unique digital items.
Anyone can post NFTs on the Rarible marketplace.

Who are the founding fathers of Rarible?

The co- founder of Sticker. Place is the CEO of Rarible.
The co-founder of Zenome was the Director of Humaniq, a project that provides tools to the unbanked. More than five successful companies have been founded by Salnikov, who has extensive experience as a product manager.
Many of the Rarible team are artists, according to the official Rarible LinkedIn page.

Rarible is unique.
Rarible wants to become more than just a marketplace for digital collectibles.

The Rarible platform and protocol is governed by a group of people who are tasked with voting on governance proposals.

The Rarible protocol is a solution to the challenges faced by the intellectual property market.

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How many Rarible Coins are in circulation?
The current circulating supply of RARI depends on user participation.
Most of the RARI token is reserved for buyers and sellers on the Rarible marketplace. Each Sunday, 75,000 token are distributed to creators and collectors. After the marketplace launches, this will be the case for at least 200 weeks.
8% of the total supply is distributed among NFT holders and 2% among other Rarible users.

How is the Rarible Network secured?
Rarible is a platform. The native governance token is called RARI.
Both ERC-20 and ERC-721 are secured by the mainnet.

Where can I buy Rarible?
RARI can be traded on several mid-tier exchanges, including MXC, Hotbit and Poloniex.
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