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What is Rakon?
Rakon is a trustless network that is designed to connect infrastructure, satellites and navigation and communication systems in a way that does not depend on middleman or intermediary. The network uses smart contracts to power solutions for devices such as wireless controls, smart power grids, aviation systems and other applications.
Rakon's activities are powered by the token RKN.

Who are the people who started Rakon?
Rakon was created by Orbit Network Inc.
The aim of the products developed by the Orbit Network is to increase the user experience and drive global enterprise adoption of the technology.
There is a platform for trading both traditional and digital assets.

Rakon is unique.
Rakon wants to integrate smart contract systems into industries that rely on advanced technologies. Its revenue model is centered on establishing itself as a go-to solution for fields of global positioning systems, such as telecommunications, defense, space, the Internet of Things and others.
Rakon's first use case is expected to be in the telecommunications sector, with Orbit Network announcing in August 2020 that it will be partnering with firms in the United States, Canada, India, Turkey and the United Kingdom to allow users to top up their mobile phones.
Rakon thinks that investors will support the project through their purchasing decisions if they see RKN as having growth potential.

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How many Rakon Coins are in circulation?
There is a fixed maximum supply of Rakon. RKN was made available for purchase through an initial coin offering that began in April of 2019.
Rakon has an 85% token distribution plan, which will be featured in an updated white paper, and network fees will be distributed to RKN tokenholders on a pro rata basis each quarter.

How is the Rakon network secured?
RKN is a token. Rakon relies on the Ethereum network to verify its transactions.
The RKN token's contract on the ether is controlled by its issuer. Rakon's founding company, Orbit Network, is responsible for the security of user funds.

Where can you buy Rakon?
Rakon is listed on a few smaller exchanges where it can be traded against other cryptocurrencies.
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