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What is radix?
The problem of how to decentralize the $400 trillion global financial system led to the creation of the layer 1 smart contract platform, Radix.

Who are the founding fathers of radix?
In 2012 Dan Hughes discovered the digital currency. With his background in developing telecommunications technology, he was able to see the impact that the technology could have on global finance.
Dan focused on solving the biggest problem of the day for the next five years.
The project was renamed after Piers Ridyard joined as CEO, and funding was raised from a leading European VC.
The world's first cross-shard atomically composable consensus protocol was created by the breakthrough of Cerberus in 2020.
The Jersey entity that issued XRD and holds the Radix Foundation treasury was launched in 2020.
The first iteration of the public network went live in July of 2021.
The game changing DeFi development language was released in early access form.
The first half of 2023 will be when the Babylon release will go live.

What makes radix unique?
It is unique across every level of its technology stack.
Scrypto is a programming language that aims to improve the Web3 and Defi developer experience by providing assets as a native first-class feature of the language.
The world's first "Defi Engine" is a virtual machine that promises to do what game engines did for games development.
There is a consensus that isbraided across a large space.

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How many radix coins are in circulation?
The radix token is the native token of the radix public network.
The purpose of XRD is to secure the public network.
There is a maximum supply of 24Bn token.
The 12Bn was allocated at the beginning of the network. There are 9.6Bn of these unlocked. As a result of network emission rewards, at least 4.62Bn XRD are circulating in the hands of the public, an amount that will continue to grow. The stable coin reserve holds 2.4Bn.
The network emission to reward stakers and validators is being created by the 12Bn XRD.

How is the network secured?
A BFT-style consensus algorithm is used by Radix.
In its final form, Cerberus is a completely different paradigm in the design of distributed ledger technology systems. All transactions are atomically composed across shards because it is the only protocol that is designed that way.
The DPoS system is used by the Radix network to protect against Sybil attacks.
Where can you buy radix?
It is available.
AscendEX Bitfinex Bitmart is a store. The company is called Digifinex Gate.io is a website. LBank MEXC P2PB2B Vindax is a drug. There is a WhiteBIT. There is a website called XT.com.
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