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What's the name of the platform? The basic infrastructure of all the blockchain projects and applications is a blockchain platform. It is the same as the operating system on a computer. The whole system can only work on top of it. According to an excerpt from IBM, there is a "90-9-1" adoption challenge. To achieve mass adoption, Qanplatform focused on the challenges. Who are the people who founded the platform? The Chief Technology Officer is an economist. He and the Business Development team are trying to make QAN more appealing. What matters in the end is market share. Endre Abraham is the Head of Cryptology at the QAN.
What makes QAN platform unique? The problems that enterprises and developers face are solved by building a platform from scratch that doesn't require them to make compromises.
There is a hybrid platform. The implementation is 80% faster than others. Hardware and energy requirements are lowest on the market. Data transaction prices can be predicted. Transaction speed is ready for the enterprise. Security that is quantum-resistant. The experienced team behind QAN platform worked in companies like IBM and Zcash.