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What is PRIZM (PZM)?

PRIZM (PZM) is a decentralized cryptocurrency project with its own blockchain, based on the NEXT core, with open source JAVA.

The project uses the PoS algorithm, which gives such advantages as low power consumption, high speed of operations performed without the need for a powerful computer.

PRIZM is an ecosystem connected to various applications within its platform, which provides its users with a number of services, including wallets, non - storage exchanges, and one of the most important functions-the ability to participate in the currency paramining process.

This is one of the most important advantages of this blockchain, since you can receive network rewards by contributing to the security of the blockchain and generating new currencies from the assets that you have in your wallet.

PZM is a proprietary coin of the PRIZM platform, and is created on the basis of the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, the SHA256 algorithm and is protected by Curve25519 encryption, which provides complete security and adequate computing power.

The Prizm coin was originally created as a payment method. With its help, you can buy and sell goods and services, as well as exchange them for other coins, be it rubles, dollars or euros. This is a fully decentralized flexible electronic payment system based on an open block chain, and every user can connect to this system. He can support it by becoming a network node and receiving a reward for this.

This coin uses a unique PARAMINATION technology.

PARAMINATION is a unique reward mechanism for storing crypto assets. Each coin on your balance turns into a miniature mining farm. This made the cryptocurrency available to everyone, regardless of the power of the computer or the balance of the wallet.

The PRIZM ecosystem gives its users more than a cryptocurrency: a cryptographic gateway with many solutions that they can use on their smartphone or on their computer.

What is the uniqueness of PRIZM (PZM)?

The developers of the PRIZM project have created and patented a unique ParaMining technology. ParaMining was integrated into the PoS protocol, that is, a solution was found to break the connection between the creation of a block in the block chain and the issuance of coins. Mining (in fact, forging) has been removed from the classic version of PoS.

The uniqueness of the Prizm project:

  1. 1. Paramining: a technology that helps to increase the number of coins in the wallet. Although it may seem almost impossible, but it is more or less similar to a normal mining operation, with the only difference that mining occurs automatically.
  2. 2. Speed: the speed with which transactions are completed and operations are performed is of great importance for the efficiency of the platform. Since Prizm is a blockchain project, it takes 59 seconds to complete block m, which is faster compared to other projects with the same function.
  3. 3. Proof-of-Stake algorithm: The Prizm project uses the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, which is much more efficient than the Proof-of-Work (POW) algorithm, which requires more time and energy.

The above-mentioned features distinguish the Prizm project in the highly competitive cryptocurrency market. In addition, the fact that the Prizm project has its own blockchain puts it in a completely different class.

An important feature of PZM is that the speed of generating new blocks is directly proportional to the amount of coins available to the wallet holder, and this increases the percentage of param and, consequently, profit.

How many PRIZM (PZM) coins are in circulation?

The Prizm coin, known by the ticker PZM, is a self-regulating and decentralized digital currency that offers its users the opportunity to transfer crypto assets on a reliable, fast and easily accessible platform.

If the maximum offer is missing, there are - 3,544,942,748 coins in circulation PZM.

At the moment, the asset value is - 0.00218735 USD, the daily trading volume is 1,342 USD, and the market capitalization is 7,754,046 USD.

How is the PRIZM network protected?

The network of the PRIZM cryptocurrency project is protected by the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm.