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What is the name of the research?
Presearch has more than 3.5 million users and 200 million searches a month.
The problem of traditional search engines was identified by Presearch. Users monetize their own data instead of being monetized by search engines. Presearch pays its users to use its search engine. The company is designed to be non-profit so that it doesn't have incentives that run contrary to users' best interests.
Presearch splits its evolution into three main phases. The first phase was designed to establish a product-market fit. The second phase is dedicated to building a sustainable business model aimed at decentralizing search. Decentralizing governance will be the focus of the final phase.

Who are the people who started Presearch?
Colin Pape was the CEO of Presearch. Shopcity.com was founded prior to Presearch. They are joined by a data scientist, who joined the project's advisory board.

What makes Presearch unique?
Presearch has several products with real-world utility. Users can use its search tool to search the internet in the same way they would use a search engine. The default Presearch engine can be used, but users can switch to results from more than 100 different providers.
Presearch developed a mechanism for advertisers. PRE can be staked against specific words or search terms to display ads. If a user searches for a term, the P research will show the ad with the most PRE staked.
Users can choose between traditional search engines and mobile apps in the Presearch marketplace.

There are pages related to this.
There is a storage system called Filecoin.

Presearch has a price prediction.
The latest trading insights and news can be found on the blog.

How many PRE coins are in circulation?
Half of the initial supply was burned to make the project leaner.
140M are currently External Wallets.
181M was staked.
The portal is a crowd sale wallet.
There are 36.5 million savings in the research marketplace wallet.
Earned rewards totaled 60.5 million.
The reward reserve is 30 million.
The sales reserve was 37 million.
The project team is 50 million.
Users can receive PRE as a reward for searches, use it to make purchases in the store, and can stake it to display ads on the platform. In the future, they will be able to stake it against ads they don't like, raising the cost of displaying such ads. Partners can pay and stake PRE in order to be added as a search provider.
20% of the nodes are rewarded.
20% operations.
30% of the token is bought back.
5% platform improvement rewards.
5% data partner rewards.
There are 5% development grants.
Search rewards are 15%.

How is the Presearch network secured?
PRE is a token. The standard for new token publishing is called the ERC-20. The go-to solution for many applications and exchanges to launch on is the ether. The proof-of-work mechanism requires miners to mine new ether.
The platform is secured by a gateway that receives requests from the server and removes personally identifiable information from the search requests. A registry manages the identity of the nodes.
There is a requirement to register (all nodes).
There are two ways to Validating (all nodes).
They were coordinating. Processing and distributing queries.
The person is serving.
There is a method for indexing.

Where can you buy pre research?
Pre is available on a number of websites.