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Premia. Price of cryptocurrency: $ 0.26443711

Premia is a question about what it is.
Premia is a token that aims to be the next generation options automated market maker and metavaults.
. Premia is powered by a financial infrastructure that gives permissionless access to all users.
. The Premia network uses social media network platforms for greater accessibility and ease of usage, such as a Telegram channel where users can get fast updates. Premia provides information to both current and potential users through its Medium account.

Who are the people who founded Premia?
Premia's developers are currently semi-anonymous, which is not uncommon for projects like this.

What makes Premia different?
Premia is built on a Defi-native options architecture.
fair pricing is allowed based on supply and demand. Crowdsourced pricing is achieved by continuous on-chain reinforcement learning, so that it can hit the target market price and liquidity utilization rate.

. Premia's pools are different from other pools in that they only affect certain markets and not the entire market. . The Put/Call pools are strategically given out by the liquidity pools. There are many strategies and adjustments in these smart pools.
Fair accounting takes into account the duration of time that users and their capital have spent in the pools, so that the first-in first-out sequence is arranged.

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How many Premia coins are in circulation?
Out of a total maximum supply of 100 million coins, there are only 10.6 million Premia coins in circulation.

The Premia network is secured.

Can Premia coin hit $10?
The current value of PREMIA token is around $2.75 as of October 14, 2021. The PREMIA exponential price rally might have given it the strength to rally even further.

Where can I buy Premia?
Premia is listed on a number of exchanges.
Is it a new person in the world of cryptocurrencies?