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What is PIVX? There are no comments at this time.
The MIT licensed open-source, fair-launch project managed, developed, governed, and stewarded by a community driven DAO was launched on January 30th.
PIVX has undergone significant custom developments and integrations. A Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus protocol is used by PIVX. The Proof of Stake consensus algorithm has been pioneered by PIVX.
The PIVX user's financial data protection is secured through a highly customized, open-source implementation of the vetted academic anonymity protocol zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge.
The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) regulates the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing requirements.
The 2nd layer of function through a Masternode network that provides a governance mechanism of voting is one of the features that PIVX integrates.
The PIVX supply is a direct result of a static/fixed block emission rate and any monthly budget allocation payouts. The coin supply is restrained by burning all of the transaction fees on the network. PIVX is an independent, application and payment friendly.
The monetary policy of PIVX is designed to enable a sustainable infrastructure service capable of supporting scalable and resilient infrastructure, allowing for instant, private transactions globally, without the associated devaluation of the native coin.
There is a network of masternodes that allow running various apps and services.
What makes PIVX unique? ---
The organization is self-funded and community-driven.
The ability of PIVX to self-fund development and other activities through treasury payouts is based on successfully voted community proposals.
All transaction fees are burned by PIVX.
One PIV is required to stake in PIVX.
Masternodes are deployed to help participate in the governance of the network.
PIVX lays claim to a number of firsts.
There is a Proof of Stake project.
There is a Proof of Stake project.
The first Proof of Stake project has self-sustainable funding.
The first Proof of Stake coin will control inflation by burning transaction fees.
The Zerocoin protocol is implemented by the first Proof of Stake project.
The main website has been translated to more than 30 languages.
Private staking is the first Proof of Stake project.
The first-ever successful implementation of a privacy protocol on a Proof of StakeBlockchain.
The origins and founding of PIVX. -
On November 25th, 2015, PIVX was announced.
The development and direction of the project remained in the hands of the community.
The development has been spearheaded by three core developers with over 20 years of combined development.
How many coins are in circulation? ---
Every 60 seconds, PIVX creates a new block. Each block creates 5 new PIV and allocates 1 new PIV.
The system that allows for funding to be generated for community proposals is called the PIVX governance model.

A high percentage of the allocated 43,200 PIV is created to fund proposals most of the time. It is reasonable to estimate inflation based on 6 PIV per block being created. This is not an exact picture.
The distribution of reward. ---
The staker that wrote the block gets 2 PIV per block.
3 PIV per block is paid to the next masternode in the payment queue.
1 PIV per block is allocated to the Treasury Budget and may be paid to a funded proposal.
The maximum coin supply. There are no comments at this time.
The numbers represent the maximum coin supply. If transaction fee burning and allocated PIV are not required, the actual number will be a factor.
By June 25th, 2040: 125,929,497 PIV.
By June 2060, there were 189,001,497 PIV.