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What is the name of the artist?
There is a dog-themed meme coin on the BSC. It claims to be a unique social experiment by engaging investors in the development of the community, as well as in the project itself.
The plan for a meme coin is ambitious.

Launching on several blockchains, including ethereum, MATIC, Kucoin, and Cardano. The magazine is called PitMag. There are collections and collaborations with Pitbull. A play-to-earn game. There is a Pitbull Metaverse.

Who are the people who started the band?
The ownership of Pitbull has been handed over to the community, which is made up of several volunteer leads.

Jack is a software engineer. Jari is the manager of communications at SevenDigitz. The software engineer is at Kargo Landing. The strategist is from the subreddit. Kevin is a software engineer.
The people are considered the core team of the project.

48 people are working on admin to coordinate the direction of the project. 45 members are creating original images, videos and music. 22 people are working to build software applications.

What makes a person unique?
By the standards of a meme coin, the community of Pitbull is strong.

PitTracker is a tool for investors to keep track of their holdings and profits from auto-staking rewards. Thecharting and analysis tool can be used for all the token on the smart chain. Users will be able to stake liquidity token for points and redeem them for Pitbull NFTs. PitSwap is an automated market maker (AMM) that simplifies the trading experience for PIT investors and is set to become a full-on ecosystem that supports staking, farming, and other Defi features. PIT will be integrated with the official Pitbull store in the future. PitFund will be a platform for raising money. There will be browser games, such as card trading games or lottery games.

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How many PIT Coins are in circulation?
50% of the total supply was burned upon token generation. There is a maximum limit of 500 trillion (14 zeroes) per trade and each transaction is taxed at 4%.

How is the network secured?
The BEP-20 token is called PIT. The initial token burn was 50% of the total supply. TechRate audited the smart contract and found no issues.
21 validators are elected every 24 hours to verify transactions and maintain security.

Is it possible that Pitbull can hit $0.01?

Where can you buy PIT?