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What is the meaning of PERP?
There is a DEX for futures on xDai. With up to 10X leverage on a growing number of assets, traders can go long or short. Non-custodial means traders retain possession of their assets and on-chain. The virtual automated market maker (vAMM) is utilized by the Perpetual Protocol.
The vision of Perpetual Protocol is to create the world's best, most accessible, and most secure derivatives trading platform. The company embraces the "Defi money lego" ethos by allowing projects to build on the DeFi projects.

Who are the originators of the protocol?
Two Taiwanese entrepreneurs that had previously launched payroll and accounting companies for cryptocurrencies launched a new company. Taiwan is where most of the team is based. A number of well-known investors are backing Perpetual Protocol, such as Zee Prime Capital, Multiarrows Capital, and the strategic partner of FTX, Alameda Research.

What makes a protocol unique?
The goal of Perpetual Protocol is to create a trading platform that anyone can use. Users need to be able to trade with low slippage. The vAMM solution is used by Perpetual Protocol. The usual order book model of centralized exchanges is not followed by Perpetual Protocol.
The operator might set the vAMM's liquidity at 100 vETH to 40,000 vDAI. If someone deposited DAI to go long on ETH, the price would go up and there would be an incentive to go short if the price was out of line. The price of vETH would be brought back to its equilibrium by traders going short on it. The vAMM functions as a tally of all trades and automatically finds an equilibrium in the long run, so having liquidity swaps is unnecessary.
By using the vAMM model and building the exchange on xDai, traders are able to enjoy on-chain trading without fees.

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How many PERP Coins are in circulation?
150 million is the total supply of PERP. PERP has a current supply of 68.7 million.
The Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool has a percentage of 7.5.
20% of seed investors are unlocked every three months.
20% every three months are unlocked for strategic investors.
Team and advisors are 2% per 3-month period beginning six months after the mainnet launch.
The distribution of rewards will be decided by the community.
PERP is a token that facilitates the governance of the protocol. The feedback loop looks like this: Staking rewards and trading fee rewards increase. The PERP token value is increasing. There is an increase in PERP token awareness. Protocol awareness increases. Trading volume increases.

How is the network secured?
The Perpetual Protocol has been audited. The protocol has a bounty program for developers who find bugs in the smart contracts.
One of the most popular blockchains for DAOs is theEthereum, which is secured by a proof-of-work consensus mechanism.
There is no on-chain oracle to prevent the use of flash loans to manipulate the price of underlying assets and profit from Perpetual within the same transaction.

Where can you buy PERP?
PERP is available on a number of websites.