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What is Orchid?
The native token of Orchid isOXT.
Orchid is the world's first incentivized, peer-to-peer privacy network.
The goal is to allow anyone to purchase bandwidth from any participating provider using cryptocurrencies.
Orchid can avoid problems with congestion and gas fees by paying providers off-chain.
The service is pay-per-use, meaning that users only have to contribute funds when they actually connect, instead of paying monthly or annual fees.

Who are the Orchid's founding fathers?
Four of Orchid's co-founders are from the financial sphere. They are a doctor. Steven Waterhouse is the CEO.
Pantera Capital, which is responsible for investing in some of the industry's most popular companies, is co-founded by Waterhouse.
Around 30 million jailbroken Apple products are currently used by the creator of the alternative Apple App Store, called Cydia.

After becoming the victim of a sim- swap attack, Waterhouse became aware of the need for internet privacy improvements and began researching virtual private networks.

What makes Orchid unique?

Users can benefit from anonymous VPN usage which does not rely on a centralized server and the risks associated with a particular country's infrastructure.

Users can use a separate feature to purchase "Orchid credits". OXT can only be spent with network providers and cannot be withdrawn or converted elsewhere.
The appeal of Orchid is not limited to those who use cryptocurrencies.
When consumer access began to go mainstream in the early 1990s, Web 3.0 technology was conceived to provide some semblance of an open internet.

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How many orchids are in circulation?
OXT has 1 billion units.

Four development teams will receive the remaining token.

How is the Orchid Network secured?
The security risks for OXT are related to an attacker's ability to harvest user data from Orchid itself.
The weak links in the chain mostly lie with the user because the platform has very little information in its smart contracts.

Where can you buy orchids?
OXT can be traded on major exchanges with a wide range of pairs available.
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