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What is optimism?
There is a second layer on top of the first. The security of the mainnet and optimistic rollups help scale the platform.
One of the biggest solutions for scaling is optimism with over $500 million in TVL. The biggest of the 97 protocols is Synthetix, a derivatives exchange. Users can begin their journey on Optimism by adding the chain on their Metamask.

Who is the originator of optimism?
The Optimism Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to growing Optimism. Optimism is a public good that is not profit-oriented.

What makes optimism unique?
Four core tenets are what Optimism is designed around.

There is simplicity. There is pragmatism. It's sustainable. There is optimism.
The minimum number of moving parts is the aim of Optimism. When possible, this means using proven code and infrastructure.
pragmatism is emphasized and is driven by the real-world needs and constraints of its own team and users.
The design process of Optimism is built around the idea of long-term sustainable. That's why it uses optimistic rollups and uses the consensus mechanism of ether to scale the network. Blocks are constructed and executed on the L2 while user transactions are submitted to the L1 Transactions are immediately accepted or rejected if the L2 has no mempool.
Transactions can be challenged for a certain period of time, currently seven days. A transaction is considered final after that.

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How many Optimism Coins are in circulation?
The value is generated for the three constituencies by Optimism.

The value is received by token holders through the re-deployment of revenue. Users and community members receive value from project incentives.
Demand for blockspace is driven by revenue which is distributed to public goods.

The governance fund is split between the partner fund and unallocated. 20% of public goods funding is retroactive. The user airdrops are split into a first 5% and subsequent 5%. People who help bring the Optimism Collective to reality are the core contributors. 26% of investors are investors
At an inflation rate of 2% a year, the initial token supply is more than 4 million. The Foundation will get 30% of the initial token supply in the first year. The Foundation's annual OP distribution budget will be decided by token holders after the first year.

15% of the initial token supply is in Year 2. 10% of the initial token supply is in Year 3. 4% of the initial token supply in the fourth year.

How is the Optimism Network secured?
Positive rollups are used by optimism. Optimistic Rollups can be used to record transactions on the second-layer block and broadcast the roots of the transactions to the first-layer block.

Where can you buy optimism?