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What is ONUS?
ONUS was launched in March 2020. After 18 months of deployment and improvement, ONUS is now one of the most used digital assets investment applications in Vietnam with more than 3 million users.
ONUS is one of the top digital assets investment applications in Vietnam. ONUS Chain is a smart-contract platform built on BNB Application Sidechain. It is accessible to all developers and users with low entry costs and gas fees.
How many ONUS token are in circulation? ONUS is the native token. ONUS is used to secure the network.
The mainnet has 40,106,390 ONUS and 97,106,390 ONUS according to the new tokenomics.
The main utility of the ONUS coin on ONUS Chain is to secure the network.
ONUS is needed for on-chain governance. ONUS Chain is a fully permissionless and leaderless network and any decision regarding it is carried out by on-chain governance. stakers can vote on changes and improvements with governance.
Network Fees: ONUS is used for transaction fees and costs associated with the creation of new networks. Fees on ONUS Chain are inexpensive but make it very expensive for malicious attacks to be carried out.
How secure is the ONUS chain network? ONUS Chain's Mainnet is built on the PoSA consensus mechanism. Transactions can hardly be reverted like other networks due to the fact that ONUS Chain offers fast transaction speeds, low transaction costs, and deterministic finality.

The ONUS Chain team uses top cybersecurity companies like CyStack to upgrade and improve ONUS for better protection.
Where can I buy ONUS coin? ONUS can now be swapped between supported token on MiaSwap.
ONUS is available on the ONUS application.
The app onus invests btc-eth-doge is available on the app store.
There is a store for the app on the play.google.com.
ONUS token can be used to purchase and trade on MEXC.