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What is the name of the network?
OmiseGo is a non-custodial, layer-2 scaling solution built for the ethereum platform.
The network uses a sidechain architecture to group transactions off-chain into batches, which can be verified as a single transaction on the root chain.

Who are the founding members of the network?
A team of more than 50 employees are scattered across the world.
The founder of the projector received a master's degree in earth and environmental sciences from New York's Columbia University.
She was the company's managing director until she became the CEO in 2019.

What makes the network unique?

The OMG Network project is designed to make it more attractive to businesses and projects that want to scale while simultaneously cutting down on their carbon footprint.
The platform received $25 million in funding during its initial coin offering.

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How many coins are in circulation?
Most cryptocurrencies have a fixed maximum supply. This will never increase beyond this point.
The last 29.9% of the total supply is held by the project and team, while 65.1% of the total supply was distributed to investors.

How is the network secured?

Where can you buy mooches?
There are over 200 different exchange platforms that can be used to purchase or trade the OMG token.
The U.S. dollars, euros, and British pound sterling are some of the fiat currencies that can be traded against.