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What is the Oasis Network? Oasis is the leading privacy-enabled network.
Oasis scales web3 from infancy to maturity. Oasis recently announced the $235 million Ecosystem Fund to support projects to build on the network. There is a There is a It is technology.
The ParaTime Layer and the Consensus Layer are separated for better scalability and increased flexibility. Multiple ParaTimes can process transactions in parallel because of the separation of consensus and execution. The Oasis Network has native support for Rollups at the Consensus Layer. Anyone can build and develop their own ParaTime. Oasis requires a smaller replication factor for the same level of security because of the network's sophisticated discrepancy detection. There are 3 ParaTimes built by the Oasis core team. High fees and low throughput are some of the problems faced by Solidity developers. Emerald solved both of the problems by increasing the throughput of transactions to up to 1,000 per second and reducing the fees by 99%. Oasis is capable of supporting privacy-preserving smart contracts, and the confidential smart contract ParaTime will hold features that are unique to Oasis. It is similar to Emerald in that it has high throughput, instant finality, and low fees. The confidential EVM ParaTime is the first in the industry. Privacy technology is important to Oasis. To propel Web3 forward, we want to empower developers to build privacy-enabled applications. We want developers to be comfortable building on the Oasis Network. That is why the environment is compatible with the EVM. Parcel ParaTime, the confidential data storage, governance, and compute ParaTime, Parcel already has enterprise partners that use it to store private data like human genomic data. Parcel allows governance, confidential computation, and private analysis of data. Privacy-preserving data storage, governance, and computation can be integrated into applications. Parcel can turn any data into an NFT.

The Oasis Team is made up of top talent, from all over the world, with experience from Apple, Amazon, Goldman, UC Berkeley, and more. The majority of the core engineering team are PHD level educated and all committed to growing and expanding the impact of the Oasis Network.

What makes Oasis Network unique?
The Oasis Network is flexible and future-proof.
The ParaTime layer allows for dynamic compute environments to be built and is where smart contract execution happens.
The Oasis Network is the world's leading privacy-enabled blockchain with its ParaTime layer.
Developers can experience a proper Web3 environment with the help of the Cipher ParaTime. The first and only confidential EVM compatible is the privacy-enabled ParaTime named "Sapphire".
A Foundation for Web3.
The foundation for the Web3 world is being established by Oasis. Other tenants are required in the next iteration of the internet because of the core value proposition of privacy.

How many Oasis Network (ROSE) Coins are in circulation?
The total supply of Oasis Network ROSE is 10 billion.

23.5% of the rewards are staked. 23% are backers. 5% is strategic partners and reserve. The community and ecosystem make up 18.5%. 10% is the foundation endowment. The core contributors make up 20%.
stakers and delegators will be paid 2.3 billion token as rewards for securing the network over ten years. ROSE is used for transaction fees.

How is the Oasis network secured?
The consensus layer is a proof-of-stake (Pos)-secured network with a set of independent validators. Using fraud proof, the separation of execution from consensus is secured. A TEE is a type of secure computing technology that acts as a hypothetical black box for smart contract execution in a confidential ParaTime. The data goes into the black box with the smart contract and is then sent out of the TEE.

Where can you buy Oasis Network?
ROSE is available on a number of platforms.