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The next generation of privacy is engineered by some of the world's leading research scientists and developers at world-class universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, KU Leuven and University College London. The NYM token is used to reward those who run the system, making it sustainable andScalable in the long run. There are people in this picture Privacy is provided by the Nym. There are people in this picture What is the name of the internet? The mixnet is made up of computers in 3 layers. Every piece of data passing through the mixnet is wrapped in multiple layers of encryption using the SPHINX packet format which makes it look the same. In the mixnet, your internet traffic is mixed with other people's traffic and the data that uniquely identifies you is obfuscated. This means that your messages are lost in the crowd and not only the content but also the meta-data of your messages is protected. There are people in this picture What is the value of the NYM token? As the internet expands into more and more areas, the value of the NYM token will be tied to the global demand for privacy. The number of internet users in the world increased to 4.5 billion in January of 2020. The only comparable global privacy system is a volunteer run one. It means that global reach is difficult, because volunteers tend to be centralized in wealthy Western countries. There are people in this picture With the NYM token, we aim to make global privacy economically sustainable andScalable.